Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation at the University of Notre Dame provides an opportunity for reflection and discernment on the sacramental and vocational nature of the life-long commitment of Marriage. Campus Ministry helps to fulfill the standard Marriage Preparation requirement of the Catholic Church and makes every attempt to enable couples to experience their preparation as an ongoing process and partnership with their parish and the larger church community.

Couples getting married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Lady Chapel, or the Log Chapel are required to complete a Marriage Preparation process in preparation for celebrating this Sacrament. Current students and Sacred Heart parishioners are eligible to participate in the Marriage Preparation process offered by Notre Dame Campus Ministry.  Couples interested in participating in our Marriage Preparation process should contact Campus Ministry at least six months prior to their wedding or graduation date, whichever comes first. Since our Marriage Preparation process includes a number of face-to-face meetings, couples should take into account how any extended absences from campus (e.g., summer break, study abroad, internships, etc.) may impact the time needed to conduct our Marriage Preparation meetings. For those who are Sacred Heart Parishioners, please note that at least one member of the couple needs to live within the South Bend area. All preparation meetings are conducted in person.

All couples are required to select their own priest or deacon to preside at any Catholic wedding. Couples are also required to fulfill their priest or deacon’s preparation expectations, which can include individual meetings, counseling, and retreat weekends.

For those who are not current students or Sacred Heart parishioners, Marriage Preparation programs are also widely available in parishes and dioceses outside the Notre Dame community, and priests and staff at the parishes in which a couple currently belongs will be able to provide local information and resources that can also fulfill the requirements of Campus Ministry and the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.

Believing that active involvement in the life of a parish is one of the most important steps a newly married couple can take in building a successful Marriage, Campus Ministry is committed to helping couples make connections with their local parishes and assisting with finding a parish home.  In many cases, participating in a Marriage Preparation process through your local parish/diocese can be an excellent way to get to know your local parish's pastor and pastoral team members and begin the process of building community within your local parish. 

For more information or further assistance, please contact Suzy Younger at