Immersions & Pilgrimages

Immersions and pilgrimages are about transformation.

Immersions offer students a chance to immerse themselves in a culture and way of living different from their own while engaging with justice issues and deepening their faith. The experience broadens their worldview and integrates their understanding of their faith as a part of who they are and how they act for a more just and peaceful world.

On pilgrimages, we journey to sacred sites and places, allowing our hands and feet to embody our prayers. These spiritual journeys invite us into a deeper encounter with the living God and the universal Church, as we remain mindful of the ways our faith invites us to engage with a world in need. As such, in exploring the diverse cultures and customs of cities like Mexico City, Jerusalem, Rome, and many others, the focus is less on the destination and more on who we are becoming along the way.

Whether it is right here in South Bend or a trip around the world, immersions and pilgrimages offer students the opportunity to encounter God with our hands, feet, and hearts.