Pilgrimages point us towards a greater reality: that our purpose in life transcends mere activity. As pilgrims journey from one place to another, allowing their own hands and feet to embody their prayers, our focus is less on the intended goal and more on who we want to become along the way. These spiritual journeys are an invitation to value not only what we do, but who we are—and most importantly, who we are becoming.

Pilgrimages are about transformation.

Campus Ministry Pilgrimages offer students the unique opportunity to embody the deeper questions of life and faith with the world as its classroom, exploring the diverse cultures and customs of places like Mexico, Jerusalem, El Salvador, Rome, and many other sacred spaces around the world. As a community of faith, our students will leave this campus as travelers and return as faithful pilgrims, mindful of the ways their faith invites them to engage with the world in need.

There are currently no pilgrimages being offered at this time.