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Are you passionate about social justice? Do you love your faith? Are you hoping to grow more deeply in either or both of these areas? We have good news! The Catholic Church cares about justice too! We have an entire set of teachings, called Catholic Social Tradition, that offer challenging truths to inform and guide how we live our lives. Jesus calls us very directly to care for the marginalized and fight for a just and peaceful world, so Campus Ministry invites you to engage with these issues, challenge yourself, and make a difference.

We offer leadership opportunities in faith + justice that enable students to plan and lead our various ministries, including service, immersions, small groups, a justice retreat, and events to discuss injustices in the world today. Let us know if you want to get involved! All students are always welcome.

Want to learn more? Check out these Faith + Justice Resources or set up a coffee date with Becky anytime.

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  • Becky Czarnecki, Assistant Director of Faith and Justice, +1 574-631-9738