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Are you passionate about social justice? Do you love your faith? Are you hoping to grow more deeply in either or both of these areas? We have good news! The Catholic Church cares about justice too! We have an entire set of teachings, called Catholic Social Tradition, that offers challenging truths to inform and guide how we live our lives. Jesus calls us very directly to care for the marginalized and fight for a just and peaceful world, so Campus Ministry invites you to engage with these issues, challenge yourself, and make a difference.  Join us at any of the opportunities listed here or reach out with your own ideas.  Students of all faiths or no faith are always welcome. 

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Faith + Justice Alliance

Our leadership team of undergraduate students who pray together, plan faith + justice opportunities, and grow in understanding of Catholic Social Teaching.  As always, all faiths are welcome.

Justice Prayer Services

Shared prayer and reflection on the justice issues facing our world today.

Catholic Social Teaching Retreat

A retreat centered around praying with and living out Catholic Social Teaching in our daily lives.


A small group that reflects on the intersection of Catholicism and ecology.

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Local + International Immersions

Immerse yourself in a new environment and witness the real-world impact of injustice in our world, whether locally here in South Bend or internationally in Trujillo, Honduras. Applications welcome beginning in August 2023. Find out more here.

Talk Justice, Eat Tacos

Delicious food and a chance to reflect individually, in small groups, and in a large group on the justice issues on our hearts.

CST Small Groups

A student-run small group to reflect on how to integrate Catholic social teaching into our lives as students at Notre Dame.

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Mercy Works

A chance to volunteer weekly in the South Bend community and reflect together on the intersection of these experiences with our lives of faith and our fight for justice.  Learn more and sign up here.





  • Becky Czarnecki, Assistant Director of Faith and Justice, +1 574-631-9738