Synod at Notre Dame

What is the synod?

Campus Ministry is excited to convene a synod here on campus. This word, which we have all been learning about lately, means “meeting,” but it also contains the idea of “traveling together.” Modeled after a worldwide synod Pope Francis is conducting, we hope to listen closely to as many students as possible as we travel together at Notre Dame. We stand to learn so much from listening to you, our students. We hope to bring together 1,000 or more students in groups of 10-12 to talk with and listen to each other.

How can students get involved?

We truly want to hear from you! Whether you go to Mass every Sunday or once a year, whether you consider yourself a practicing Catholic or not, whether you would win the Jeopardy category of “Catholic Teachings” or not :), we want to listen to you. We want to hear how/where God fits into your life; how your spiritual life is nourished (or not) at Notre Dame and what you want the Church/Notre Dame to know about you.

Please take a look at this information about the sessions, and if you can help us, sign up to participate!

  • Forty generous staff and faculty members from all over the University have agreed to serve as synod facilitators.
  • We have scheduled over 100 different sessions so that you can find a date, time and campus location that works for you.
  • Each conversation will last no more than 75 minutes – we want to respect your time.
  • You will receive an email reminder in the days before the session you select.

Thanks for considering this invitation. Each and every person’s participation will count and make a difference.

Are you ready to participate? Click here to sign up.

Have questions?  Email Fr. Pete McCormick, C.S.C., at

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