Becoming Catholic

We’re delighted to hear that you are considering becoming a Catholic! There are countless diverse reasons for beginning this journey, but we are ready to accompany you as you discern God's call to full, active Christian life in the Catholic Church.  At Notre Dame, we have two tracks to assist a person setting out on their journey toward becoming a Catholic Christian: the RCIA Process and the Short Course Process.  

The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) Process is the default track by which non-Catholic individuals discern and are welcomed into the life of the Catholic Church. RCIA provides a gradual apprenticeship in what it means to be Catholic, offering the opportunities to study Catholic beliefs, learn how to pray, learn the ins and outs of the Mass and the Sacraments of the Church, and explore what it looks like to live an intentional Catholic life.  

  • RCIA begins in August/September.
  • RCIA members gather each Sunday morning for formation sessions, which include Sunday Mass at the Basilica
  • The Process culminates in the Easter season with a celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation (including Baptism, Confirmation, & Holy Eucharist, as necessary) after a public Profession of Faith

We also offer the Short Course Process for those who desire to enter the Catholic Church and have already been well-rooted in Christian faith within another Christian denomination. The Short Course serves as a one-semester process of Sacramental Preparation for previously-baptized individuals with substantial experience studying, living, and practicing the Christian faith.  The Short Course focuses on what makes Catholicism unique, as well as what it means to believe, pray, and live as a Catholic Christian specifically. 

  • The Short Course begins in August/September or January.
  • Participants gather each Sunday afternoon for our formation sessions, which include Sunday Mass at the Basilica.  
  • The Short Course culminates in the celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation (including Confirmation & Holy Eucharist) after a public Profession of Faith toward the end of each semester.


How do I choose between the RCIA or the Short Course process?

You don't have to! We will advise you on which process to take, based on your spiritual background, previous faith experiences, and current practices. The first step on the journey is simply to reach out to Brett Perkins to express your interest in exploring the possibility of becoming Catholic or being Confirmed in the Catholic Church.


What if I’m not sure about the time commitment?

We have worked with many students who have unusually hectic lives, and are committed to accompanying you toward the goals you have for your spiritual life. Contact Brett Perkins to discuss a plan that will work best for you.  


How and when can I sign up?

Come by one of our information sessions at the start of each semester, or email Brett Perkins at any time of year.

Do I have to know that I definitely want to become Catholic or be Confirmed before I sign up?
Not at all. Both RCIA and the Short Course are meant to be processes of discernment, meaning they are meant to provide you with the space and time you need to ask questions, pray, experience our worship, and learn more about God as well as the beliefs and life of Catholics before you say "yes" to anything. Ask all the questions that you want! We hope to help you find meaningful answers. Ultimately the decision (and timeline) to become a Catholic or be Confirmed is one that only you can make, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
I’m already Catholic but am interested in serving as a sponsor. How can I get involved?

Great to hear! We are always in need of fully-initiated (Confirmed), practicing, faith-filled Catholics to share their faith with those journeying toward becoming Catholic or being Confirmed in the Church. Please email Brett Perkins at any time or attend one of the information sessions at the beginning of each semester.


  • Brett Perkins, Assistant Director for Evangelization & Religious Education, +1 574-631-3250