Intern Positions

  1. Faith + Justice
  2. Sacramental Preparation and Catechesis
  3. Small Groups
  4. Multi-cultural Ministry / Latino Student Ministry - Black Student Ministry - Asian Student Ministry
  5. Retreats and Pilgrimages
  6. Pastoral Outreach / Discernment
Faith + Justice

Campus Ministry Faith + Justice is driven by our desire to invite students to live out the radical Gospel message of love through service and action for those most marginalized in our community.   As the inaugural Faith + Justice Anchor intern, this student would take the lead on spiritual formation of the Faith + Justice Alliance, lead and assist with their programming initiatives, formulate a response to current events that concern justice issues, plan, organize, and/or lead immersion trips, and lead or help lead a small group integrating spirituality and social justice concepts.  They would serve as a voice for the student body about the relationship between faith and justice and what this means for us as Catholics and members of the Notre Dame family.  They would also assist with our service program, Mercy Works, including our community dinners and other service opportunities.

Our hope is that this intern would be a person of faith with a strong prayer life who wants to "act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God" (Micah 6:8).  We are looking for a person of hope, a person who practices the works of mercy and fights for justice for people on the margins of society, inclusive of all people.

Please contact Becky Czarnecki ( for more information.

Sacramental Preparation and Catechesis

The two interns who serve the Sacramental Preparation and Catechesis (SP&C) area of Campus Ministry work on a core team to invite those we serve into a profound relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, and then walk with them as they come to know Him and build lives founded upon that relationship.  We do this by journeying with students who are preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic Church, whether among those seeking to become Catholic Christians or those who seek to complete their initiation into the Catholic Church.  Our mission:  "to make God known, loved, and served, and thus save souls" (Blessed Fr. Basil Moreau, CSC) by providing an "apprenticeship with Jesus" in everything that it means to be a Catholic Christian, as the Faith is believed, lived, celebrated, and prayed.  One intern serves with each of the two different ministries that facilitate this common mission:  the year-long Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) process for those with little previous experience with Christianity, or our semester-long Short Course, which provides an abbreviated process of formation and preparation for those baptized Christians with solid previous experience in Christian faith and practice.  Interns in this area need strong organizational and time management skills, top-notch communication, an eye for noticing how "God paints straight with crooked lines," a love for people and their stories, and a desire to bring all into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

Please contact Brett Perkins ( for more information about these positions.

Small Groups

Small Groups provide an opportunity for students to share and bear witness to their experience of God in the context of community.  Through faith sharing, communal prayer, and fellowship, students deepen their relationship with God and one another.

The intern for Small Groups would assist with developing and maintaining an overall vision for Compass First-Year Faith Sharing, Bible Studies, and expanded small group offerings for upperclassmen.  The intern’s work focuses on organizing and connecting students to small groups, forming and mentoring student leaders, and planning and executing programming.  In collaboration with a core team, this intern would plan monthly formation nights for small group leaders, as well as monthly community nights for the whole small groups community.  Depending on time and interest, the intern would also be able to lead their own small group.

The intern will need good communication, organizational, and time management skills; but above all, a desire to bring people into deeper communion with God and each other.

Please contact Kate Broadbent ( for more information about this position.


Multi-cultural Ministry / Latino Student Ministry - Black Student Ministry - Asian Student Ministry

Multi-cultural Ministry is dedicated to offering retreats, Mass, prayer services and other programming to help nurture familial faith traditions and provide social experiences for students to foster healthy relationships, develop an expanded world view and enter into a human experience of the universal Church Offerings through multi-cultural ministry are open to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, class or creed.

Anchor interns working in this area of ministry can expect to develop first-year multi-cultural retreats, mentor retreat coordinators, conduct retreat follow-up, assist the Chaplains of each ministry as needed, shape student leaders, create and implement a multi-cultural ministry student, faculty and staff board, mentor Liturgical Coordinators for various Multi-cultural Masses, support the Spirituality Chair of multi-cultural student groups, network with campus partners and coordinate special projects related to feast day celebrations and special Masses. 

In addition, multi-cultural interns specialize in two-fold thinking: Providing spiritual support, resources and advising to each multi-cultural group and innovatively adapt and create new programs to meet the changing needs of our students. Ideally, multi-cultural interns will focus on one branch of ministry, but will also work to shape a working ministry that brings together student groups through faith.

There are multiple interns that serve in this area each year.

Please contact Diana Salgado Huicochea ( for more information about these positions.

Retreats and Pilgrimages

This intern will assist in the development, planning, and execution of retreats and pilgrimages; so as to create spaces and journeys where students might more deeply encounter God.  This work includes the formation and preparation of retreat teams, assistance with logistics, and ongoing assessment and discernment of our offerings.  Although our retreats and pilgrimages are currently in development, possible offerings include the Connect Retreat, Ski Retreat, Discover Retreat, a backpacking pilgrimage, and Holy Week in Rome.  As such, this intern should be prepared to work several weekends throughout the year, as well as Fall Break.  

The Retreats & Pilgrimages internship will require creativity, flexibility, and strong organizational skills.  Most importantly, though, the intern should have a desire to discern both the needs of and how God is speaking into our campus community.

Please contact Kate Broadbent ( for more information about this position.


Pastoral Outreach / Discernment

College is a time of many transitions, decisions, joys and challenges. This intern would work with our Pastoral Care team in helping to provide support and outreach in navigating all of the different dynamics of this higher educational environment. In particular they would focus on working with some initiatives (small groups, speakers, resources) to help in discernment of choices for people.

This intern would require a rootedness in prayer, and attentive ear, and a willingness to enter into the stories of students with a variety of backgrounds and challneges. They would need to be comfortable reaching out to people they have never met and with sharing glimpses of their own journey.

Please contact Mary Catherine McDonald ( for more information about this position.