Liturgical Ministry

Notre Dame boasts a robust liturgical life with Masses celebrated daily in Residence Halls, the Basilica, and academic buildings. With many liturgies, comes the need for many volunteers to serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, Altar Servers, and Ministers of Hospitality. All ministers receive annual training and formation. 

If you’re interested in serving in your residence hall, please contact your Rector.  If you’re interested in serving at the Basilica, please complete the form below. 

Serve in the Basilica

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Basilica & Residence Halls)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion have the opportunity to share the Body and Blood of Christ with all our brothers and sisters gathered together in prayer. Many volunteers are necessary to help distribute Communion across campus. 

Lector (Basilica & Residence Halls)

The Lector proclaims the Word of God during Mass, allowing all to hear, encounter and absorb the Scripture. We need many volunteers to serve as lectors across campus. All are welcome; no prior experience or “try out” is necessary. 

Altar Servers (Basilica)

Altar servers assist in the celebration of the Mass to facilitate the prayer of all present. Altar servers lead the opening and closing processions, assist in preparing the altar for Communion, and attend to any other liturgical needs that arise during a regular Mass. All are welcome, no prior experience or “try out” is necessary. 

Hospitality Ministers (Basilica)

Hospitality ministers greet people warmly, help people find places to sit together, pass out programs or worship aids, take up the collection, help maintain good order during Communion, and distribute bulletins following the liturgy. Volunteers are needed to welcome both members of our campus community and visitors to the Basilica. All members of the Notre Dame community are welcome to participate in this ministry. This is a great ministry for students and families alike.



  • Megan Urbaniak, Coordinator of Ministries,