Prayer Through Writing

What is prayer through writing?

Writing or journaling is a great way to find God’s Word in our lives. It can be therapeutic to write to God about our experiences, insights, and ideas; what’s more, a consistent journal can become a map of one’s spiritual journey, allowing one to look back on past intentions and challenges to see the ways God has responded to our prayers. This fusion of prayer and writing can help us transform our thoughts and fears into an opportunity for surrender and trust in the Lord.

How do I pray?

Write a letter to God

  1. Start off by addressing your letter to God Himself. Something as simple as “dear God…” can help you relax and begin writing to the Lord as a trusted friend.
  2. Begin the body of your letter by telling God about your day. If you’re struggling, consider one of the following prompts:
  • How do I feel today?  What is on my mind?
  • What joys did I experience today?  What struggles?
  • Where have I noticed God’s presence?  What leaves me longing for God?
  • What do I desire most right now?
  • Where is God calling me?
  1. Pause your work for a moment and try to simply listen. What is God trying say to you? What might be distracting you from hearing Him? Continue writing.
  2. Let yourself be open to receiving an outpouring of God’s healing and grace.

Write down your prayer requests

  • When you tell someone you will pray for them, write it down!
  • While praying, pull out this notebook and read through your intentions, adding more as they come to mind.

Make a gratitude journal

  • Write down what you are grateful for each day, and read through these entries when you are struggling.

Write passages from Scripture or the Tradition of the Church

  • Read through the Bible or a text from Catholic text, writing down passages that stand out to you.  
  • Add your own reflections on the passage.  What is God saying to you?
  • After time has passed, look back on earlier entries.  What common themes do you see?

Journaling at Mass

  • Write down sections of the Scripture readings that stood out to you.
  • Take notes on the homily.
  • Pray after receiving Communion.  How is God speaking to you through his Body?  Where is He calling you to go?

Write a poem or craft a song

  • Get creative! Use your skills and passions to pray to God through the written word.

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