Eucharistic Adoration

Whether as a private prayer or shared with others, the practice of Eucharistic Adoration invites us to pray in the presence of Jesus Christ under His appearance in the consecrated host. During Adoration, you may wish to sit in silence, simply heightening your awareness of the presence of God around you. Have a conversation with Jesus; pray the rosary; reflect on Scripture or other spiritual reading.

While the Eucharist is exposed, someone must always keep vigil before Christ in the monstrance. We schedule at least two people for each time slot during our regular Adoration hours. If you wish, you may sign up for 30-minute increments at any time. 

During the academic year, Adoration is held in the Coleman-Morse Center chapel at the following times:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Tuesday/Thursday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Sign up for a weekly 30-minute time

Please join our Squadoration GroupMe to stay connected with our Adoration community, keep up-to-date on the schedule, and if you need to request a sub.  


  • Brett Perkins, Assistant Director for Evangelization & Religious Education, +1 574-631-3250