Lectio Divina

What is Lectio Divina?

Lectio Divina, Latin for divine reading, draws us closer to the Lord by finding a new way to immerse us in Scripture. With roots as far back as Saint Gregory of Nyssa (c 330-395) and Saint Benedict of Nursia (c 480-597), who founded the Benedictines, Lectio Divina involves reading a text from Scripture multiple times and allowing the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to God’s message.

How do I pray?

To begin, get ready to pray. Choose a short Scripture passage or story, such as one of the day’s readings, and find a quiet place. Light a candle, relax your body, and put away all distractions; do whatever helps you to pray.

Step One: Lectio (Read)
Read through your chosen passage the first time. What particular word, phrase, or image stands out to you?

Step Two: Meditatio (Reflect)
Read through the text a second time, focusing again on the parts that stood out to you.  What might God be saying to you?

Step Three: Oratio (Respond)
Read the text a third time, and then jump right into a conversation with God. You could journal, or simply pray in silence if you prefer, but talk with God about how the message you found in the text relates to your life. Pray for God’s help.

Step Four: Contemplatio (Rest)
Read the text for a final time, and spend time in silence with the Lord. Allow God to speak to you in the silence of your heart. If you become distracted, don’t get agitated: just draw your attention back to the Scripture passage and be still once again.

Finally, thank God for speaking to you through this prayer experience.  As always, pray for His will to be done in your life.

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