Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a conversation with an experienced guide about one’s spiritual journey, relationship with God, prayer, and the integration of faith into one’s life. Our guides aim to help you become more aware of God’s presence and invitation in your life. 

If you want to

  • have a deeper relationship with God
  • develop your prayer life
  • discern a decision
  • explore a vocational call
  • or if you are simply looking for guidance in your faith life or spiritual journey regardless of where you are on that path

…spiritual direction may be for you!

These sessions normally last an hour and meet every three to four weeks, but length and frequency are determined by you and your spiritual director. Spiritual Direction is open to all students, faculty, and staff regardless of church affiliation or faith tradition.

Finding the “right” Spiritual Director is an important part of the Spiritual Direction process. Here are some suggestions to help you with your search:

  1. Ask yourself what needs the most attention in your spiritual life right now: prayer life, relationship with God, vocational discernment, relationships, family issues, integrating faith into your daily life, and so on?

  2. Next, who do you prefer to talk with: A priest? A sister? A layperson?
  3. Then, look over our list of spiritual directors, read through their biographies, and see who is a potential good “fit” for you.
  4. If you need assistance finding a spiritual director, please contact Mike Urbaniak. Or, you may also choose one, two, or more directors to email directly and set up an initial meeting. They will not be surprised to receive your email! And just because you reach out to them does not mean you have to choose them. When you meet them, ask about their approach to spiritual direction (each director brings his or her own unique style and method to direction). They will also ask you questions about what you are looking for and get to know you better as well.
  5. After you meet the directors, choose one and set up your first OFFICIAL spiritual direction meeting. Sometimes it takes a little while to feel totally comfortable with one another. Good relationships take time and the building of trust so be patient. It will be worth it.

Directory of Spiritual Directors


  • Mike Urbaniak, Assistant Director of Pastoral Care, murbania@nd.edu +1 574-631-8508