Interfaith Resources

Notre Dame is a place steeped in Catholic Christian faith and practice. However, from its earliest days, part of the mission of the Holy Cross Fathers has been to create a wonderful atmosphere of hospitality to all who visit or study here. Following the example of Jesus, the University of Notre Dame and its students, faculty and staff seek to provide warmth and hospitality to all regardless of one’s religious belief or practice.

Campus Ministry provides opportunities for members of all faith traditions to encounter God as they work, study and live life to the fullest under the shadow of the golden dome. Regardless of the faith background that you bring to this place, Campus Ministry seeks to meet you where you are and to assist you as you grow here into the person that God has created you to be.

Protestant and Evangelical

Nearly all Campus Ministry programs are open to students of all Christian denominations. In particular, Campus Ministry offers a variety of retreats in addition to Iron Sharpens Iron, an interdenominational ministry that includes praise and worship, student reflections and small prayer groups. Campus Ministry also offers spiritual direction/counseling and information on off-campus worship communities in the area. We also encourage students who might have questions about Catholicism and want information about how they can participate in Catholic services even as a Protestant to email

Eastern Orthodox

As close brethren in Christ with much common spiritual heritage, Notre Dame specifically welcomes to the campus members of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Many Eastern Orthodox students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ while at Notre Dame by entering into prayer experiences with fellow students, attending retreats and engaging in opportunities for direct service to the poor. Campus Ministry also offers spiritual direction/counseling and information on off-campus Easter Orthodox worship communities in the area. For more information, please email Brett Perkins at .


There are a variety of options for Jewish students to practice their faith within the Notre Dame community. The Jewish Student Group meets once a week over lunch to explore and discuss traditional Jewish philosophy and rationale and its application to modern day situations and events. For more information, please contact: Bella Niforatos at and Isabel Weber at


There is an active Muslim Student Association at Notre Dame. The MSA is dedicated to providing a home away from home for its members, which include undergraduate and graduate students and faculty and staff who come from all over the world. Signature events include the weekly Qur'an Halaqah, the annual Eid Dinner and Islam Awareness Week. 

Muslim students are invited to use the interfaith prayer room on the first floor of the Coleman-Morse Center and the meditation room on the third floor of the Law School. MSA provides rides to off-campus Friday prayer. Please submit ride requests via email to or private Facebook message. Halal food is also available upon request at the stir-fry station in the South Dining Hall. 

Please email the MSA at for general questions and to subscribe to the mailing list. You may also contact the following individuals: Muhammad Abubakar Mian (President) at, Dania Abdul Rahman (Vice President) at or Zahara Kagalwala (secretary) at

The Islamic Society of Michiana