Baptism at the Basilica

Diocesan guidelines require that all baptisms be celebrated in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart or the Log Chapel and in no other chapels on campus.

Your child may be baptized at the Basilica or the Log Chapel if you are:

  • A current Notre Dame student

  • An alumnus/a of Notre Dame

  • A current full-time member of the faculty or staff

  • A member of Sacred Heart Parish

To request a date for your child's baptism, please email Thomas Karam at

Required Paperwork

A letter of permission to baptize the child from your parish in which you are registered is required. Also, a pre-baptismal class is required for all parents (first–born only) and a letter or certificate stating the completion of this class is required. Finally, a Baptismal Register form must also be completed after you have scheduled a date with the Basilica office. You may complete this form here

It is highly recommended that all paperwork be turned in two weeks prior to the Baptism.

Fees: No fee is required for use of the facilities. A stipend to the priest performing the baptism is appropriate.

Baptism Brunch and Lunch Locations