Tender, Strong, and True Freshman Retreat

The Tender, Strong, and True Freshman Retreat is designed for all students, Catholic and non-Catholic, to share in the journey of faith with their peers. The purpose of the retreat is to help first-year students integrate faith and the various aspects of college life. It is our hope that attendees will feel welcomed to the Notre Dame community, meet fellow first-year students and most importantly, grow in their faith and their relationships with God.

Who can attend?

Any first-year Notre Dame, Holy Cross College, or Saint Mary’s student.

What am I attending?

An overnight retreat where you will discuss life as a college student, meet new people, pray and reflect upon how you can invite God into every aspect of your life.

When will the 2017 Freshman Retreats take place?

Nov. 10-11, 2017

Where will it take place?

Sacred Heart Parish Center, Notre Dame

How do I sign up?

November 10-11 Registration is FULL


For more information, please contact Christian Santa Maria  (574) 631-9738.