African-American First Year Retreat (The Plunge)

The purpose of African-American First Year "Plunge" Retreat is to help connect incoming African-American students with one another and introduce them to the social, spiritual and academic aspects of life under the Dome. Student leaders share their experiences through talks and there is time for small group discussions in a warm, welcoming environment. Time is made for games, fun and fellowship so new friendships can begin.

Who can attend?

The African-American First Year Retreat is open to all Notre Dame, Holy Cross College, or Saint Mary's first-year students, but it is especially geared toward African-American students.

What am I attending?

A 24-hour retreat where you will meet new people, talk with upper class leaders, reflect on what has brought you to Notre Dame, discuss your hopes about the future and have fun!

When will the retreat take place?

August 24-25, 2018

Where will the retreat take place?

Epworth Forest. Transportation will be provided.

Why should I go?

You should go on the Plunge Retreat if you want to grow in community while exploring your own identity under the Dome. 

What is the cost?

The cost is $20. Scholarships available. 

How do I sign up?

Register here to attend this retreat.


For more information, please email Becky Ruvalcaba at