The journey to the depth of our hearts, where our deep desires reside, is a journey worthy of great exploration. There, in these courageous spaces within, we encounter a living a breathing God, a God that has been beckoning our attention all along. 

Pilgrimages provide the space for this journey to take place. These spiritual adventures offer students the unique opportunity to traverse to the depth of their heart and rediscover their faith with the world as their partners in conversation. Through this unique form of travel, we invite students to discover how their hands and feet can embody the prayer that lies within each human heart. 

Pilgrimages are as important now than they have ever been. These global experiences of faith invite young adults to broaden their understanding of spirituality as they encounter the heart of the Christian faith. At a time where faith and religion is seen as simple beliefs from the past, pilgrimage introduces students to the current mystery of God found in the diverse of cultures and customs in Mexico, Jerusalem, El Salvador, Rome and the many sacred spaces around the world. Pilgrimages expands the hearts, the minds, and  faith of students by inviting them to encounter the tenderness of human connection here in the United States and around the world.

Most importantly, pilgrimages point us to a greater reality: that our purpose in life transcends mere activity. As pilgrims journeying  from one place to another, our focus is less on what we intend to do and more on who we want to be when we arrive. These spiritual journeys are the invitation to value not only what we do, but who we are and , most importantly, who we are becoming.

Pilgrimages are about transformation.

Camus Ministry Pilgrimages offers students the unique opportunity to embody the deeper questions of life and faith with the world as its classroom. As a community of faith, our students will leave this campus as travelers and return as faithful pilgrims, mindful of the ways their faith invites them to engage with the world in need.

Where will the journey take you? Let’s discover it together.


To learn more about pilgrimages offered by Notre Dame Campus Ministry, please contact Tami Schmitz at tschmitz@nd.edu.