Compass Small Groups

Compass is a peer ministry that cultivates supportive and courageous faith-based communities that help students discern and navigate their life and faith at Notre Dame. Compass community is made of students and staff from the Notre Dame community. We gather together to encounter God in the midst of community - intentionally accompanying one another on the pilgrimage of daily life. Our small groups seek to reveal the honest questions within the heart that lead us to encounter a living God and our most authentic selves. 

All spiritual journeys welcome. All questions welcome. All faiths welcome.

Compass is for you if you want to:

  • Belong to a supportive, fun, and spiritual community
  • Create genuine, lasting friendships
  • Grow in your relationship with God
  • Discover a rich life of prayer and reflection
  • Discern your unique calling in life (vocation)
  • Live out your faith through the service of others

Questions: Contact Christian Santa Maria in Como 316 or at