Position descriptions

Sacramental Preparation and Catechesis 

The Sacramental Preparation and Catechesis (SP&C) area of Campus Ministry seeks to invite students into a profound relationship with Jesus Christ and then walk with them as they come to know him and build lives founded upon that relationship. We do this by journeying with students who are preparing for Sacraments in the Catholic Church, whether among those seeking to become Catholic Christians through Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist or those who seek to complete their initiation into the Catholic Church through Confirmation and First Holy Communion. Two different ministries facilitate this common mission: Our year-long Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) process for those with little previous experience with Christianity, or our semester-long Short Course, which provides an abbreviated process of formation and preparation for those baptized Christians with solid previous experience in Christian faith and practice.

The SP&C area also reaches out to students of various backgrounds in an effort to evangelize our campus community and to those who are already believers, to help them to deepen their faith. This happens in numerous ways over the course of a year, whether through lectures on current Catholic issues, speaker series, Catholic Q&A sessions in residence halls, the Understanding Catholicism series, tours of the Basilica, etc. 

Communications and Design

The senior intern who serves in the role of Communications and Design will work in collaboration with the entire team of interns to ensure appropriate branding is followed for all promotional material; apparel designs; timeliness of event promotion; and brainstorm new ideas for campus wide communications.

It’s imperative that he/she understands the importance of this work within the Church. Depending on the skills and interests of the intern, they will have the opportunity to work with photography, video creation, and/or copy writing to help share the message of campus ministry. Marketing and communications experience will be preferred as well as a working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Multi-cultural Ministry

Multi-cultural Ministry is dedicated to offering retreats, Mass, prayer services and other programming to help nurture familial faith traditions and provide social experiences for students to foster healthy relationships, develop an expanded world view and enter into a human experience of the universal Church Offerings through multi-cultural ministry are open to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, class or creed.

Anchor interns working in this area of ministry can expect to develop Freshmen multi-cultural retreats, mentor retreat coordinators, conduct retreat follow-up, assist the Chaplains of each ministry as needed, shape student leaders, create and implement a multi-cultural ministry student, faculty and staff board, mentor Liturgical Coordinators for various Multi-cultural Masses, support the Spirituality Chair of multi-cultural student groups, network with campus partners and coordinate special projects related to feast day celebrations and special Masses. 

In addition, multi-cultural interns specialize in two-fold thinking: Providing spiritual support, resources and advising to each multi-cultural group and innovatively adapt and create new programs to meet the changing needs of our students. Ideally, multi-cultural interns will focus on one branch of ministry, but will also work to shape a working ministry that brings together student groups through faith.

Compass Freshman Fellowship/Evangelization

Fellowship is an act that involves sharing stories, bearing witness and bringing people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Anchor interns assist in overseeing all aspects of this area and working on a variety of projects. Potential ministries and programs include Compass Freshman Formation and Coordinating Outreach Events for Campus.

These interns are in charge of developing and maintaining an overall vision for the particular ministry and program to which they are assigned. They focus on the formation of student leaders, oversee and execute ministry programming and assist in the ongoing assessment and visioning of evangelization. A big emphasis is placed upon building networks of support and collaboration on behalf of our students, so interns also seek to build relationships with relevant campus partners, departments, offices, residence halls and student organizations.


In Campus Ministry, we believe that students’ participation in the liturgical life of the hall communities serves many purposes: first and foremost, to draw closer to God and to God’s will for each of our lives. Additionally, we pray together at Mass and other shared prayers because it draws the community closer together into the Body of Christ. Finally, we believe students have much to offer the wider Church in the world upon graduation if they have been formed and fed with great prayer while at Notre Dame!

The Anchor Intern for Liturgy will be able to work with liturgical and music commissioners all over campus to strengthen and deepen the worship experiences of our 29 residence hall communities. A strong background in theology and experience in liturgical theology is preferred, as are musical skills and an ability and willingness to work with the Newman Hymnal repertoire in the halls.

This intern will spend time in many and various residence halls, getting to know commissioners and communities as well as the worship needs and environments of the halls, and helping students from different halls help each other. Additionally, the intern will be encouraged to assist with training and formation sessions for students who wish to serve as EMHCs and/or lectors in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Retreats and Pilgrimages

Retreats and pilgrimages are designed to allow students to slow down, take a breath, reflect, pray and prepare for whatever is next. They are also a time for students to develop new relationships and recognize God in all things that surround them. 

Anchor interns responsible for this area are in charge of developing and maintaining an overall vision for Retreats and Pilgrimages. Potential opportunities include the Freshman Retreat, Fall Break and Spring Break Pilgrimages, and other prayer opportunities. 

A big emphasis is placed upon building networks of support and collaboration on behalf of our students, so interns also seek to build relationships with relevant campus partners, departments, offices, residence halls and student organizations.