Internship FAQ

How many internship positions are available each year?


Who is eligible to apply for the Anchor Internship?

All full-time Notre Dame rising juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. Rising juniors must be on-campus for the full year.

How many hours a week will each intern work?

Each position is a 12 hour/week position, for 40 weeks. In 2021, these 40 weeks will begin before the Fall semester and will finish just before the end of classes in April 2022.

Also, each week the Anchor Intern community will gather for dinner and formation for 2 hours on Monday evenings.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes, the intern will receive a stipend totaling $4,000 for their work.

How do I apply?

Apply Here. Applications are due February 7th, 2021.

When I apply, do I choose a specific internship position?

No. We do ask, however, that each applicant specify a preference as listed on the application. You can find the different positions here.

If I am selected, how will you help me prepare to do my job?

There will be a mandatory gathering for all interns in April 2021 after each intern accepts his or her internship. Each intern will also participate in a 10 day orientation that will include skills training and formation in mid August 2021.

What if I already plan to apply for an RA position? Should I still apply for Anchor? 

Yes! Even if you are applying to be an RA you should still apply to Anchor. If you do not apply and you learn that you were not hired as an RA, it will be too late to apply for Anchor. We recommend applying for both, though you are not able to serve as both at the same time. 

Will preference be given to applicants who have a strong desire to do professional ministry after graduation? 

No, we are interested in people who would like to continue to grow in their faith and serve the Church in a variety of capacities, which includes pursuing other professions as full-time jobs. Please be sure to review our Position Descriptions and list of Preferred Qualities of an Anchor Intern for a more comprehensive explanation.