Anchor FAQ

1.  What is the Anchor Leadership Program?

The Anchor Leadership Program is a leadership development program designed to help students more effectively serve the Church as undergraduates and in their parish communities. Through ongoing formation, Anchor Leaders learn more about the content of their faith, gain skills for ministry and grow in their own personal faith lives.

2. Why should I participate in the Anchor program?

Students who participate in the Anchor Leadership Program grow are challenged to grow in their faith in new and exciting ways and develop their character and leadership potential. Some of Notre Dame’s finest leaders will be Anchor mentors. The community of Anchor students will be energetic and caring. Students will not only learn more about their faith but also gain practical skills for leading programs such as retreats and pilgrimages. Finally, students can expect to leave campus prepared to offer concrete, valuable gifts to their own parish communities.

3. When can I become involved in Anchor?

The most traditional way to become involved in Anchor is through the Compass Freshman Fellowship program.Through Compass, students can easily transition into the Anchor program their sophomore year. Rising Sophomores may also apply, but should email Mike Urbaniak at or call (574) 631-8508 for more information. 

4. What kind of training do you receive in the Anchor program? What are the time commitments?

Campus Ministry Anchor Leaders participate in two one-hour monthly formation sessions. In addition to these monthly sessions, Anchor Leaders also participate in two day-long Anchor Leadership Retreats each year and meet regularly with a Faith Mentor once a month. The formation has three components each month: teaching of specific content, working on particular leadership skills and prayer and conversation about personal faith.

5. What are some of the typical responsibilities of an Anchor Leader?

Sophomores, juniors and seniors all maintain different leadership roles within the Anchor Leadership Program. Sophomores participate as team members in various Campus Ministry initiatives, juniors serve as mentors and seniors as coordinators and interns. Each level of the Anchor Leadership Program has clear expectations for completion with progressively increasing opportunities for leadership to help keep students motivated and energized.

6. How do I apply?

At the beginning of each academic year, students may apply to be a part of the Anchor formation process.

7. What if I am going abroad? Can I still be in the Anchor program?

Yes! Campus Ministry encourages students to think of ways they can continue to exercise their leadership in their particular place of study, and online resources will be available to students studying abroad. 

8. Once I become an Anchor Leader, am I expected to be in the program every year?

No. Anchor Leaders can decide at the end of each year if they want to go on to the next level of training.

9. You mentioned seniors serving as interns. What does the Senior Internship Program entail?

The senior internships are paid positions open to any Anchor Leader who wants to serve Campus Ministry in a significant way their senior year. Seniors apply to be interns in the spring of their junior year and, if selected, given substantial leadership responsibility in a particular area of Campus Ministry, including retreats, sacramental preparation and various faith-sharing groups. These internships are excellent opportunities for those seriously considering a career in ministry.

10. I don’t see an answer to my question here. Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, please email Mike Urbaniak at or call (574) 631-8508.