Anchor Leadership Program

The Campus Ministry Anchor Leadership Program will prepare you to serve the Church under the Dome and beyond, equipping you with knowledge, experience and guided growth in your faith.

The purpose of the Anchor Leadership Program is to help prepare Notre Dame students to serve the Church within their campus and parish communities. Through a three-part formation process consisting of catechesis, pastoral skills and faith mentorship, our Anchor Leaders will come to embody the five pillars of a Holy Cross education in mind, heart, zeal, family and hope. Each level of the Anchor Leadership Program has clear expectations for completion with progressively increasing opportunities for leadership to help keep students motivated and energized.

Students apply for the Anchor program at the end of their Freshmen year and every year to be involved in an intentional faith formation process that will equip them to exercise particular leadership tasks. Anchor students participate in monthly formation sessions. Each monthly session incorporates elements of Catechesis, Pastoral Skills and Faith Mentorship. In addition to the monthly session, Anchor Leaders also participate in two Anchor Leadership Retreats and meet regularly with a Faith Mentor.

For more information, please email Mike Urbaniak at or call (574) 631-8508