Staff Chaplaincy

Staff chaplains are here to accompany staff through personal, family, work or other issues.   While the chaplaincy is rooted in Holy Cross and Notre Dame’s Catholic tradition, it serves those of all faiths and those seeking faith.  Our Staff Chaplains welcome prayer requests, opportunities for one-on-one conversations and are there particularly to provide support in times of personal hardship, illness or death of loved ones. Our full-time Staff Chaplain is Fr. Jim Backe, C.S.C. and our part-time Staff Chaplains is Fr. Tim O’Connor, C.S.C.  As Fr. Jim says, “we are here to listen and walk the path beside you.”

Fr. Jim Bracke, C.S.C.

Fr. Tim O’Connor, C.S.C.

Prayer of Remembrance

Wednesday, April 20
12:15-12:45 p.m.
Coleman-Morse Center, first floor lounge

Losing a loved one is difficult. The grief process has its own timeline for each person. You are invited to a “Prayer of Remembrance” in honor of your loved one on April 20 from 12:15-12:45 p.m. in the Coleman-Morse Center first floor lounge.  Fr. Jim Bracke, C.S.C., will lead the service.  Please come and feel free to bring a colleague or friend with you. All are welcome!

Lenten Offerings for Staff

Staff are invited to a Lenten prayer series led by Staff Chaplain Fr. Jim Bracke, C.S.C., each Wednesday, March 9 through April 13, from 12:15-12:30 p.m. via Zoom. 

Are you feeling stressed trying to balance life, work, and family along with a country and world that seems so divided and troubled? Take time for spiritual renewal this Lent. Fr. Jim will lead a type of prayer called “Centering Prayer.” This is a wordless prayer that allows you to let go of outside noises and find a still place that will bless you in many ways now and throughout life. If this is a new type of prayer for you, Fr. Jim will share additional information so you feel comfortable and prepared. All faith traditions are welcome.

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Staff Prayer Line

Fr. Jim Bracke, C.S.C., Staff Chaplain, invites you to submit any prayer requests that you have to our prayer line.  Staff of all faith traditions are welcome to make a request. Prayer can be a path to finding peace, courage, and strength, especially in times of uncertainty and challenge. All prayer requests are confidential and only accessible to Fr. Jim. Submit your prayer requests here.


Staff Prayer:

Lord God, grant us, as Notre Dame Staff,
patience and acceptance for ourselves,
co-workers, and work we share in as part of
The mission of serving our students. May we
Feel your love and spirit wherever we are.