Faculty Pre-Advent Retreat


Location: Stayer Center, Morris Commons B

All Faculty are invited to attend a pre-Advent retreat sponsored by Campus  Ministry and facilitated by Prof. Clemens Sedmak Keough from the School of Global Affairs and the Center for Social Concerns.

Praying with Oscar Romero: 

Archbishop Oscar Romero, canonized October 14, 2018, is an inspiring source of spiritual depth and wisdom here on Campus. He is best known for his social analysis in the light of Catholic Social Tradition, his prophetic voice based on the gospel, and his testimony of faith. The Faculty Retreat will introduce him as a Teacher of Prayer – what can we learn about our prayer lives from Oscar Romero? The Retreat intends to offer a “School of Prayer” in the spirit of and based on the example of (Saint) Oscar Romero.


Click here to RSVP by Monday, October 22. Lunch will be provided.


Fr. Frank Murphy, Faculty Chaplain, at fmurphy4@nd.edu.