Freshmen Retreat #80

Location: Sacred Heart Parish Center

The Freshmen Retreat is structured around three pillars:

Community: The retreat provides students with the opportunity to meet men and women from other dorms who are adjusting to life at Notre Dame. It encourages them to listen and speak with other students about what Notre Dame has been like so far.

Faith: The retreat encourages students to express and explore the importance of their faith. It also provides information abou t various opportunities within Campus Ministry where one might seek additional sustenance for personal and communal Christian enrichment.

Hope: Students will be invited to reflect on their hopes for their time at Notre Dame. The retreat will provide participants with a context to explore some of the ways in which their faith in God will enrich their time at Notre Dame as well as how it will contribute to the lives of others on, and beyond, campus.

October 1 -2, 2010