Christian Santa Maria

Assistant Director of Retreats and Pilgrimages

Christian Santa Maria

Undergraduate Staff


(574) 631-9738

In the summer of 2017, Christian Santa Maria made the drive from his home town of Walnut, CA to join the Campus Ministry team at the University of Notre Dame. Christian received a bachelor's degree in broadcasting from Gonzaga University and a master's in theology and ministry from Boston College. Following a volunteer year after his undergrad years with the AmeriCorps VISTA program, Christian served as a campus minister at Gonzaga University, spiritually accompanying students through retreats, immersion trips, and small-faith sharing groups. Through his role at ND with retreats and pilgrimages, Christian hopes to invite students to discover the authenticity of who they are, who God is, and how they are called to respond to the needs of the world. When Christian is not traveling or on retreat, he is most likely enjoying the company of good friends, savoring delicious foods, and preferably doing both at the same time!