Anchor Leadership Program

The purpose of the Anchor Leadership Program is to empower student leaders, guided by the spirituality of the Congregation of Holy Cross, to encounter Jesus and accompany others on the journey of faith.


Students apply for the Anchor program at the end of their first year to be involved in an intentional faith formation process throughout their Sophomore year, a year when many students begin to assume roles of leadership on our campus.

The Anchor Leadership Program (Anchor) seeks to cultivate the faith of our students, challenging them to go outside of themselves and share the Gospel. It is guided by the following two quotes from the Constitutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross:

"Our commitment is an invitation for our fellow Christians to fulfill their vocation, and for ourselves it is a concrete way of working with them for the spread of the Gospel and with all for the development of a more just and human society." (Constitution 1:7)

"For the kingdom to come in this world, disciples must have the competence to see and the courage to act." (Constitution 2:14)

What does Anchor consist of?


Communal Formation

Anchor students participate in nights of communal formation each week throughout the year. These formation sessions incorporate elements of witness, prayer, theology, catechesis, pastoral skills, and faith sharing. Twice a month, this will mean gathering with the entire Anchor community for a talk from distinguished faculty, staff, and community members. On weeks when the entire community doesn't gather, Anchor leaders will meet with assigned small group communities for conversation, prayer, and fellowship. These communities offer support and mentorship from an upperclassman as well as an opportunity to share our stories of encounter and accompaniment.  


In addition to the communal formation sessions, Anchor Leaders also participate in a kick-off in August and an overnight retreat in January.

Leadership Role

Anchor Leaders are asked to commit to serving in some type of leadership role throughout their year. That leadership role can be a variety of options, but common ones include being a Compass Freshman Fellowship Facilitator, a hall spiritual commissioner, catechist in the local community, sponsor for sacramental preparation, officer for a religious club or organization, and many more.

Individual Mentorship

Anchor Leaders are in a privileged space to take advantage of the many gifted staff and faculty that we have on campus. The director and heads of the program are available for guidance and mentorship, but can also point people towards others on campus who might serve in that capacity. This is not required, but highly encouraged.

For more information, please email Mike Urbaniak at or call (574) 631-8508